Youtube is Great compare to Blogging For earn money

  • Earning money from youtube is easy compare to blogging
  • Why Youtube is good for earning money even blog is good platform for creator.
blogging and youtube revolution
  • If you have any type knowledge then made video of them and upload it on youtube and publish it how user watch your video then youtube gives you money from your video.
  • Blogging also amazing and also give you great revenue from google adsense which is used by most of the bloggers all over the world.

  • Top reason behind youtube:-

  • Youtube is graphical which attract more people.
  • Youtube you can also create dummy video which is not good but its give you traffic.
  • Youtube is good for startup to get traffic because of its very famous.

  • Why blogging is more complex:-
  • Lot’s of bloggers with great traffic.
  • Chance of getting revenue is also low compare to youtube.
  • Daily unique content creation is also a tuff job.

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