Top 5 Android apps store where you can publish your app

  • Top 5 Android apps store where you can publish your app
  • Android revolution are going day by day higher so if you are not user of android then you have missed something great thing.

  • Top 5 Play store where Developer publish their android app and user can download from there.

1.Google Play Store:- The top apps store in android apps world and with maximum apps downloaded a day. If you have app and want to publish it in play store then you have to pay 25$ One time for registration charge and then you can publish many apps from that account.
Amazon app store   2. Amazon Apps store  :- This one also great platform for developer to host their app and user can download from there.

=> If you want to target your app in us then this platform give you great response.

3.1Mobile :- This one also good but if you are banned in play store then this one is great because if you are google play developer account and your app live then within short time your app automatically available for 1mobile but if you are banned from play store then you can host your app in 1mobile market.

4. Opera store:- This is also free platform for developer to host your app in opera store so user directly download app from opera store this one also quite good but disadvantage is that less user.

5. Samsung apps store :- This one great for those who really target samsung mobile user and also free you can easily host your app there quite good but only samsung mobile user get it.

Conclusion ,
=> so if you are android developer and want to publish app then google play store good i know they are charge(25$) you but you can earn more from there. You can also check this article which gives you brief idea about earning => How to generate money from admob/adsense

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