I am getting good revenue from android app

  • Android developers getting good revenue from Admob ads.

  • Hello guys basically i am android developer (Check my apps) and getting good revenue from admob which is good ad network for integrating ads in your app.
  • Below is app (Shayari collection app) snap which is my top app in play store with almost 20000 downloads.
  • And i have integrated admob in this app and getting good revenue from it and also use affiliate marketing in this app. 

  • Android Even All app business is great business for startup But this one is amazing for you is you want to earn good money from Online.
  • As per survey 5000+ daily search for making money Online and 10 of them are succeed so this is very hard work and you have to be passionate about that.
  • Lots of great affort gives you good success so, be passionate and be learner.

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