How to open Task manager In Google chrome

  • Open Task manager of Google chrome to check background process and activity.

  • Here are some tips for google chrome user who want to check whats going in background in chrome which process are going and which task is performed.

So lets begin with steps:-

=> Go to option menu in google chrome and then select more tools which give you idea about task manager.

open task manager for chrome on option menu.

task manager
2.Click on more tools
  • Now select task manager which give you new windows where all activity are available and process behind your chrome.
  • You can easily stop any activity or process from there            Which are not created by you or comes from other process.
  • You can also stop ads from that which are annoying you while searching something.

  • Thank you for reading if you know any other tips then please comment your tips we will update it with your tips.
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