How to generate money from Google Ad-sense, ad-mob and DFP

  • Google Adsense Ad-mob And DFP are great platform for publisher to generate money from it.

  • Google Adsense :-

  • Google adsense are for those who want to generate revenue from online by your “unique content” Just need to do is hard work to get it because adsense does not allow direct access to it.

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  • Where you can use it.,,?
 => You can use it in blogspot,weebly,own domain,wordpress blog and many more place.

genrate money from adsense

  • Google adsense gives you money in your currency by monthly payment.

  • Google Ad-mob:- Google admob is advertising platform for publisher who create content for mobile devices.

  • How you get access :-
 => In ad-mob that is simple compare to adsense because in adsense there are approval process and in admob no approval process you can direct access to their platform to use it.

  • How much you can earn from admob:-

 => You can get 10$, 100$,1000$,10000$ and much more if you have great traffic.

 => you can use it in mobile platform to display ads and get revenue from it there are two main type of ads banner and interstitial ads.

  • Is it possible to use adsense and admob by same publisher.?

=>Yes, You can use adsense ,admob and also dfp with same publisher and you can also get money in one account for both.

  • How to use it..?
 =>Use it in app or in mobile site. 

  • DFP(Double click for publisher)
 => This is also great tool from google to use in your site as well as in mobile platform and if you have less traffic then this tool is great but the disadvantage is the revenue share are less from dfp as compare to google adsense and google admob.

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