How to check content is copyright or not for your Blog/Site

  • Check which blog has copy pasted content or not.

  • This is amazing article about content checking for blog/site which define content is copy pasted from somewhere to somewhere.
  • Copyscape is amazing site for checking the content are copy-pasted or not.
  • Now you can also check it for your site or for your blog just need to type your site name and the result will give you complete detail about your blog/site’s content.

  • Go to  in your browser.
  • Now Enter site name which you want to check the copyright content or not.
  • Now within a second the site give you idea about which content are copy pasted from somewhere.

content checking

  • You have to just add your site name then all data related to your site if you have copy pasted from somewhere to here then this site identified that and give you complete result about where you have copied that data so in blogging  you have to write your own data.

  • Check our youtube video for this tutorial.


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