Android Top 5 Rooting app 2015

Android is most popular O/S Now a day.

  • Android root is amazing stuff for you if you are android user then some of apps must required root access so if you want to access them then you have to root your phone.
  • So let’s get start here top 5 apps which help you to root your android phone.

Rooting apps

First you have to check is your phone is rooted or not then check this below app which allow you to check phone is rooted or not.

  • Root checker :- This is good app for beginner in rooting and not sure about their phone status is my phone rooted..?? then this app is helpful for you.

  • Now lets check the top 5 useful apps for you.

1 Root for Android – All About :-

  • This is good app with almost 1M+ downloads, this is good app  for beginner who do not now much about rooting then this app is helpful for you.

  • This is app also gross 1M + downloads also this app provide email support with 24 hours of service.

Quick root app Gross 10000+ downloads so you can also try this app this is also good but i must recommend scn app which is good for you with email supports.

4 Got Root? :-

  • This app gross 100000+ downloads but this app not for you if you want to download app for rooting app then don’t download this app.

  • This app gross 10000+ downloads but this app not help me for starting root so i specially not like this app so i think you can go with ROOTLAND which is good with email support. 

  • Video tutorial for this content,


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